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Fred Deaton

I live in a small rural Alabama community about midway between Huntsville and Guntersville and I regularly travel the backroads of Alabama and Tennessee in search of interesting scenes which are rapidly disappearing or changing. The byways always present visual excitement, and many of the small towns are little changed even as the larger cities have become more cosmopolitan.

I began my photographic career with 35mm Nikon cameras as well as 6x6 cm Mamiya and Hasselblad equipment. Later I discovered the beauty of large format negatives and transparencies and sold everything except for 1 8x10 view camera with 8x10 and 4x5 backs. For years I shot nothing but large format, but several years ago I made the transition to a fully digital workflow and never looked back. I suffer no nostalgia for the wet darkroom days and I marvel at the quality of digital imaging! Having expressed my love for digital photography, let me also add that I also currently shoot film in a 6x6 cm Holga as well as with a 35mm Fisheye Lomo camera. I also love the open sharing of photographs that the world wide web has made available to all photographers and I regularly review the works of other photographers and I find much inspiration in viewing what other photographers are seeing. I hope that you enjoy your visit here and I hope that you will return often!

All images on this site are available for purchase. Most are printed to 8"x12" with archival materials, but custom sizes are available if requested. One of my philosophies is that photographic prints should be at least reasonably affordable and in respect for that view I genuinely try to keep all of my print prices affordable.